When a line of duty death occurs, and on request of the agency sustaining the loss, the team would be deployed immediately. The team serves in a behind the scene capacity and offers suggestions based on what the departments needs are, as well as, the needs of the firefighter family. The Response team stays in place at the agency, sometimes for several days, usually until the funeral services are completed. The duties of the team do not end there, they provide information to the department on an as needed basis to assist the family and department beyond the funeral services.
The team will respond with resources that can provide the items for a firefighters funeral. Departments will not be burdened to acquire these items, as they will be provided for the departments use. A funeral service guide has been established to assist the family and department in choosing options to fit the services they desire. Funeral ceremony protocols are provided for use if desired as well. Our team utilizes the incident command system and has pre determined duties assigned to the sector officers. Once again, our team members serve in a behind the scene capacity, leaving the members of the stricken department as the "front" people for the services.

Why Should I Call?

Did you know that under some circumstances, heart attacks and strokes that occur within 24 hours of a strenuous duty related event may qualify for Federal benefits. Currently this Federal benefit is over $300,000.00. We know of departments that did not consider this, and this benefit was not available to the family of the deceased.

These are just some of the items we can provide to you. All of our services are provided to you AT NO COST!

If you have any questions as to even the most remote possibility someone may qualify, please contact us immediately.